Cleanup special files create via device match in a whole root zone

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Operating Systems Solaris Cleanup special files create via device match in a whole root zone
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Old 07-10-2013
Cleanup special files create via device match in a whole root zone

I added in the configuration file of a whole root zone the following device match entries:
<device match="/dev/rmt/*"/>
<device match="/dev/sg/*"/>
after the reboot the zone was able to see all the devices of its global zone, and let under /dev/rmt and /dev/sg the special files created with mknod instead of links to /devices (that did not exist).

Now, I want to clean up all the tapes from the whole root zone but not from its global zone. I tried to remove the device match lines and rebooted in several (including touch /reconfigure in the whole root zone and reboot -- -r) ways without luck; I tried going to single user mode and do rm -f and they did not get removed.

Note: I also halted the zone and then I tried to see if the devices were under its <zone rootpath>/root/rmt but they are empty until I boot the zone.

Any idea
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Old 07-10-2013
What good will this do? I suspect a lot of this part of the root tree is generated in sw not with inodes, being a sort of funny mount of kernel tables.
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