T5220 ILOM serial number - how to change

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Operating Systems Solaris T5220 ILOM serial number - how to change
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T5220 ILOM serial number - how to change

Have a T5220 with Oracle SN stickers on outside with one SN, but the ILOM shows a different SN (from another server). It seems this is a issue with T5220's (a co-worker ran into similar problem with 2 of his servers, he just had the ILOM's swapped).

Anyone know the command to change the ILOM serial number?
Already have a ticket for Oracle to come out and change it, but figured if someone knows how to, it would be faster for me to do it...

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you'll need to access the service mode of the servers ILOM to change the serial number. depending on your ILOM version 2.x <> 3.x you'll need a service password which only oracle can provide...
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Thanks - since I don't have that password, guess Oracle can come in and get it done.
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you can do it with the engineer via "shared shell". easy and fast Smilie

Oracle Support | Oracle Shared Shell
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