Rcp between 2 computers

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Operating Systems Solaris Rcp between 2 computers
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Old 06-11-2013
Rcp between 2 computers

I need to rcp heavy files between 2 solaris 10/sparc M3000 computers. Currently theses 2 computers are linked via a switch/firewall and the rcp commands take a very long time, I have been told that this is because of the firewall (old one).
I asked my client to by a cross ethernet cable and plug it to the next free Glan connector.
Now i will plumb up the 2 connectors on both computers.
My question is : How will I force rcp to use the the new connector ?
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Old 06-11-2013
There is no need for a crossover cable with a M3000 Gigabit Ethernet interface.

What transfer rate are you observing with the current link ?

You need to plumb and set static IPs belonging to a network that doesn't interfere with your LAN/WAN to the new interfaces and use these IP addresses for rcp to use the new link.
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Old 06-15-2013
just a thought ... what exactly is the firewall doing in between these 2 machines? is the firewall still required? if yes, putting in a direct connection for use with rcp may negate the firewall.

btw, how big are the files? would they fit on a dvd or a usb drive? just wondering if sneakernet would be faster ...
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