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Operating Systems Solaris Single user mode
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Sun Single user mode

Hi all
I am new on sun OS. I have have little experience on linux.
The Story start from this point:
I want to put some script on start-up the terminal, but I cant do that. my shell was sh and I tried so much to find way to do that. at last someone said to me change your shell to bash. I ask how I can change and he said go to passwd file and change sh to bash. I do that and after that I can't log in. it give me the error unknown user shell...
I go to the single user mode from the fail-safe, but I can't find passwd file. the file that I found is different. and I don't know what can I do?
I use x86 sun Solaris 10.
thanks for reading and your help
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The passwd file you are seeing is the one on the DVD that you booted from.

Boot into single user

boot cdrom -s

then mount your harddisk root filesystem under /a using the normal device string of your harddisk root filesystem (eg, /dev/dsk/sda0 or whatever it is)

mount /dev/dsk/sda0 /a

Now your harddisk root filesystem is accessible by

cd /a

Under /a you will have the whole filesystem.

When you're done, remember to shutdown in an orderly manner, eg.

init 0

Hope that helps.
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Assuming you are on Solaris 10 - do not change the root shell from sh to bash in /etc/passwd. Some scripts will fail if you do so.
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Yes, good thinking. Don't mess with the root shell.

Change the shell for non-root users only.

Thanks fpmurphy
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Thanks for your reply.
Yes it worked.
But I was in single user mode.
I didn't use the code:
boot cdrom -s

when I boot in fail-safe it search for installation of OS and mount it.
but the problem is that when I explore the directories I didn't see the directory that my hard disk mounted.
This time I only log in to single user mode and without caring to other thing execute this command:
cd /a

After that I was on my hard disk!
Thank you very much for your helps. Now I should trying to put my script on start-up the terminal.
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