Script on Solaris spawning 2 processes for one shell script execution

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Operating Systems Solaris Script on Solaris spawning 2 processes for one shell script execution
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Old 06-04-2013
Script on Solaris spawning 2 processes for one shell script execution


I am having a shell script on Solaris 10 which has a while loop as shown below.

  sleep 60

Name of the shell script is I executed script /DATAWAREHOUSE/LOAD/Scripts/ from a command task in Informatica worklow as shown below.


After this, I see 2 processes created for this shell script execution on Solaris which is not expected. For one script execution, i would expect one process to be created.

% ps -ef | grep '[c]oldcentric'
     DW  3146  3145   0 12:24:56 ?           0:00 /usr/bin/ksh -c /DATAWAREHOUSE/LOAD/Scripts/
     DW  3145 13496   0 12:24:56 ?           0:00 sh -c ksh -c /DATAWAREHOUSE/LOAD/Scripts/

I would appreciate if anybody helps me finding out the root cause for this.

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Old 06-04-2013
I have little knowledge of Informatica but from the looks of the process table looks like you should use this in Informatica workflow:

instead of:

It's as if Informatica was appending "sh -c" to whatever command you execute.

Besides, the shell script should already contain a valid shebang so there's no need to duplicate it in the command line.

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Old 06-04-2013
I did modify as per your suggestion. I removed first line shebang and modified script execution through command task as below


But still i see 2 processes getting created as below.

 % ps -ef | grep '[c]oldcentric'
     DW  3623  3622   0 09:25:37 ?           0:00 sh -c /DATAWAREHOUSE/LOAD/Scripts/
     DW  3622 26562   0 09:25:37 ?           0:00 sh -c /DATAWAREHOUSE/LOAD/Scripts/

When i run the same script using ksh -c /DATAWAREHOUSE/LOAD/Scripts/, then i see only one process getting created.

As mentioned by you, informatica by default uses sh -c to execute scripts.
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Old 06-04-2013
That's strange. Is the while loop the only content of the script?
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