Sun solaris Installation Procedure

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun solaris Installation Procedure
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Old 10-27-2005
Sun solaris Installation Procedure

hi, can any body tell me the exact installation of the Sun solaris........
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Old 10-27-2005
We just got some sun v440's yesterday, and I was a little surprised to find them pre-loaded.
If you don't get a reply, try installing on x86...that's what I did last night.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a SPARC box sitting around...
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Old 10-27-2005
Originally Posted by devotedsinner
hi, can any body tell me the exact installation of the Sun solaris........
stick the disk in, and boot the machine, then follow the instructions(on screen ones)
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Old 10-28-2005
hi jmcontre,
ok thanks i will try on x86 if any queries i will send message to you..

Thanks a lot..
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Old 10-28-2005
hi csaunder,

i forgot to tell you .Thanks a lot give me the right instructions.
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Old 10-29-2005
we also got a new box(v440)...It also arrived pre-installed.

Since the box isn't ready for production, I initiated a new install of solaris 10.

I wanted to change the layout and found that my biggest problem w/the terminal.
I initially used an HPconsole, and after trying several different terminal settings (wyse,hpterm,vt100) I gave up and found an old vt100 term sitting around (old sequent system).

I'll get back to the install on Monday, but I have a few questions:

I was only able to make 7 (i think) filesystems, I guess they have a maximum number during the install?

I initiated the install from the {go} prompt, "boot cdrom"...but to be honest, I'm not sure how I got the prompt to begin with?

Since I am planning on doing a few more of these, what is the preferred way to initiate an install from a cd/dvd?


maybe sun stock will go up, with all these sunbox purchases Smilie
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