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Need to execute the script with script name wihtout using ./scriptname in Solaris 10

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Operating Systems Solaris Need to execute the script with script name wihtout using ./scriptname in Solaris 10
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Old 05-08-2013
Sun Need to execute the script with script name wihtout using ./scriptname in Solaris 10

I am using solaris 10.Is there any way to execute the script with the scriptname wihtoug using ./scriptname?Also does it varies from shell to shell.I have scripts in bash,ksh,sh shells. is the script name.I need to execute the script like this instead of ./ it varies from shell to shell?

Advance thanks for your reply.
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Old 05-08-2013
make the file executable by changing its file permissions.
Use following command for this.
chmod 777

Then you can execute it by

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Old 05-08-2013
Some use full info for you to take a decision

The '.' refers to the current directory. The '/' is either a directory separator or a way to ensure we are referring to a directory and not a file.

By itself, './' and '.' will do the same thing, since the current directory is always a directory. So 'ls .' and 'ls ./' will do the same thing.

However, if you want to refer to the file 'foo' in the current directory, you need the '/' as a directory separator. So you would use './foo'.

The reason you need to put a './' on the beginning to run a program from the current directory is for security. If I could create a program called 'ls' and get you to 'cd' to my directory and type 'ls', I could get you to run a malicious program.

So if you want to run a program from the current directory, most shells by default force you to indicate so specifically. You can override this by added '.' to the list of directories tested for executables (the 'PATH' environment variable) but that's probably not a good idea.
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Old 05-08-2013
You have several choices:

- Use an absolute path like /home/mydir/ command.

- Put the script in a directory that is part of your PATH, which you can check with echo $PATH and set in your $HOME/.profile config file. You could have a $HOME/bin directory and put your scripts there, and include it in your PATH.

- It's possible the "current directory" is in your path (not the safest thing), in which case you can just execute the command by typing "" if you are in the same directory as the script.
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Old 05-08-2013
Originally Posted by Nakul_sh
make the file executable by changing its file permissions.
Use following command for this.
chmod 777

Then you can execute it by

The first step (making the script executable) is actually not required when you use that method (sh file) to launch the script. Moreover, chmod 777 pose a security risk, use chmod +x instead.

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