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Reinstall old hard drives

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Reinstall old hard drives

I have a T2000 Sun-Fire server. I have 2 sets of drives in a raid 1. Lets call them Set A and Set B. I had Set A installed and working. I needed a new install so I so build up Set B. After some time I wanted to put Set A back in the server. Now the system will not boot off of Set A. I tried to boot off the Solaris 10 DVD into Single User Mode and rerun the installboot command, but it gets stuck discovering devices. If I put a new set of blank drives in the server it will get into Single User Mode. Thoughts?
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I tried to boot off the Solaris 10 DVD into Single User Mode and rerun the installboot command, but it gets stuck discovering devices.
How long have you left it "stuck"? If you leave it long enough does it not timeout and give you an error message?
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I gave up after 15 minutes. Should I wait longer? With blank disks it zips past that part.
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I would expect it to timeout eventually.

What happens if you boot from cd with no harddisk inserted?
Just to prove booting from that media.

There is a limit as to how long the O/S will wait on a HD before moving on.
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I'll give them both a shot. Is there a way to force it to reprobe the scsi devices if I get into Single User Mode without the drives inserted?
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Well you can scan for scsi devices at the ok> prompt with:


Try that first. No single user mode req'd for that.

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You might need to reset the system before that command will work.
(Power cycle and enter command at ok> prompt.)

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Turns out the issue was our old DVD. We had Solaris 10 dated 06/08. I downloaded the latest version this morning and now I can boot into Single User Mode and see the raid array. Thanks.

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Event better news. Once in single user mode I activated the array by using raidctl -p state=activate <vol_id> and rebooted the server. Now it boots off the hard drives.
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