Sun Cluster/Storage question

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun Cluster/Storage question
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Sun Cluster/Storage question

Hi Bros,
I am a newbie to this cluster workplace is a mess of Sun solaris server, oracle database, Cisco switch, router, MS Server, Windows and my boss ask me to come out with a procedure for maintenance of storage array in our sun cluster environment..I read few articles from Oracle but really hard to figure it out..anyone have a procedure for Storage array maintenance like shutdown of storage array, HDD changing etc...Thanks in advance

we have two nodes (sun V490) with Oracle 9i database.. I know how to safely shutdown, restart, change HDD for this two nodes but I didn't really touch this storage array before in sun cluster.. Hope someone can help...

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well, it would be good to know what "this" storage is... and how it is connected... and and and...
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Hi SoulMan,

Thanks for the quick response.. I am not sure how to explain..this two storage arrays using sun storedge consist of 6 harddidsks each, connected through SCSI cable and we have two resource groups in quorum...
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look, this is not helpfull. see it from your side, if you were given the infos you give us, would you be able to come up with a procedure to replace a disk?

if you don't know the modell of the storage, a photo might be helpfull. also the configuration of the cluster and storage is helpfull. here are some infos we might need to help you:

- solaris version
- cluster version
- config of cluster (scstat/scdidadm/...)
- ... (means all information that is helpfull)

also, you should have a support contract for the system? if it is an important system there should be!

you can find all the documentation from oracle at Oracle Documentation for more infos about the products to get you started!
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Yes I know sorry for the trouble..I am trying to upload scstat image

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SunFire V490 Servers(2 nodes)
Sun Storedge 3300
Cluster version 3.1

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just put XXX's for sensitive data like IP addresses and so on... we can only help if you post here for the benefit of all members.
if you can't post here, you should use your (hopefully you have it) support contract and open a servicerequest at
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Cluster info

Hi All,

Thanks for the advice, We have a contract but as per the contract we only have 6 expert visit per year and also they charge $2000 for every visit. So my boss looking for alternative and ask me to come out with the procedure to first line maintenance such as HDD changing, proper shutdown/restart in case of cluster error...

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