modem setup solaris 10 x86

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Operating Systems Solaris modem setup solaris 10 x86
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Old 10-05-2005
modem setup solaris 10 x86

I,am trying to configure an external multitech 5656zdx modem for dial in mode on a serial port using a dell 1800 server with solaris 10 for intel as the OS. It answers only once, further attemps fail, I have to reboot system before it will
work again. I also used an older model 3334zdx which works every time Smilie
PS:I'am also trying to figure out how to configure a USB modem on the same
Thank you
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Old 10-06-2005
modem setup solaris 10 for intel

Multitech MT5656zdx
Solaris 10

Problem: The MT5656zdx modem is not hanging up or resetting when the remote modem disconects.

Fix: The modem must be set using the following command
type, AT&d0s0=1&w

In Solaris 10 (smc gui) select the serial port to be used for service
next click on the action tab, click on properties, under basic tab choose the baud rate, emulation, under the advance tab select hardware flow control and the connect on carrier option.

LC Smilie
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