TAR command , listing backed up files

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TAR command , listing backed up files

I've backed up several files to tape using tar, and wish to list those that have backed up.

% tar cvf /dev/rmt/2un /s_1/oradata/pgpub/config.ora
a /s_1/oradata/pgpub/config.ora 2 tape blocks

But when I go to list the files:

% tar tvf /dev/rmt/2un
tar: tape read error

What am I doing wrong? How can I verify that it was backed up?

Thank you!
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Did you rewind the tape before giving the tar tvf command?
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i am not sure what the u means, but the n stands for NOrewind, so rewind your tape (mt -f /dev/rmt/2 rewind) and test it again. have a look at the mt man page

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