SunSolaris-v5.9: Default Security Settings

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Operating Systems Solaris SunSolaris-v5.9: Default Security Settings
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Question SunSolaris-v5.9: Default Security Settings

I am working on SunSolaris- v5.9 and am trying to obtain default security settings (including password settings).

Although in the AIX environment, to obtain default setting the following commands are used:


However, I am not sure what commands are used in the SunSolaris- v5.9 environment to obtain default security settings. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure what all those files do since I don't know AIX very much. Just guessing though I'd expect you want to look at:

/etc/passwd (user info like default group, home dir, default shell, goes here)
/etc/shadow (where the encrypted passwords go)
quota (setting disk and file limits)
/etc/skel (this is where default user stuff for the useradd command lives)
/etc/.profile (this is the default profile used if you don't provide one)

Hopefully somebody who knows the AIX stuff better can give you exact equivalents, but if you start with the stuff I have above it might get you pointed in the right direction.
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