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Python script not working in batch process


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Old Unix and Linux 03-17-2013   -   Original Discussion by mhahe
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Python script not working in batch process

Good morning, I have a python 2.3 script that runs stand alone as intended when tested, then it was put into a ksh script. when running the ksh script it runs as intended. The problem is that my script does not run when the ksh script is called by another user who runs a batch process (as of right now I do not know the specifics of this batch process) which calls the ksh script, which should call my python script. I have tried changing owner ship of my python script to the user that will be running the batch script and also gave 777 permissions to the script in hopes that would help. I am new to unix and python altogether so any input would be much appreciated. In case the internals of my script are relevant, my script does:
1. checks a directory for files
2. goes through these files and checks for a certain pattern and counts hits
3. create a file that saves the name of the file that contains matches to this pattern and how many hits were found
4. FTP the created file and all files containing hits to another machine.

my script uses an external command 'openssl' for decrypting the other machines login info.

Thanks in advance.
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Old Unix and Linux 03-26-2013   -   Original Discussion by mhahe
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  • Batch processes suggest that there might not be any controlling terminal, which throws some commands off, for instance, some sorts of ps calls: Man Page for ps (opensolaris Section 1) - The UNIX and Linux Forums
  • Parts of openssl can be very sensitive to file permissions and ownership, where other users have not got the same, functional .ssh* directory.
  • Another user suggests the environment is not compatible, and you may need to embed some environment setting code into your app to make it robust. Python may have additional environmental support needs.
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