OVM Server for SPARC ... Need Your Help Guys !

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OVM Server for SPARC ... Need Your Help Guys !

I have two SPARC T4-2 servers:
- Oracle Solaris 11.1 Installed.
- Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.0 software Installed.
- Shared LUN provisioned to both servers from Clariion CX4 storage box (shared LUN to be used for the Live Migration of the VMs).
- Oracle VM Agent 3.2.1 for SPARC installed.

* Oracle Linux and Oracle VM Manager 3.2.1 installed on Oracle X6220 server.
- the T4-2 SPARC servers has been discovered and added to a pool using the OVM Manager.

How can i configure the shared LUN that was provisioned from the CX4 storage box to the OVM servers to be as the VMs repo./location and use the Live Migration Feature?
I tried to scan/discover the local disks attached to OVM servers from the Manager GUI but it didn't drop any thing !

Please advice about the proper configuration apart from using NFS ...... if it is not possible to use the SAN .... how we can configure the NFS so !

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The SAN stuff is pretty new for me, too.
I guess you must put a file system on the raw disk first.
Either ufs (man newfs) or zfs (man zpool).
And before that you even might need to write a SPARC disk label in format
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- putting a file system (thought shared disk should have a cluster file system).
- added the disk to the vdsdev server

Nothing helped. I think only NFS is supported on SPARC
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Nice article. Curiously he didn't use a cluster file system as share storage. We have successfully test live migration on FC with QFS on the shared storage.
Anyway, my actual question was in reference to OVM Manager support for SPARC. OVM Manager cannot detect any storage on the T4 servers.
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We left it. Now using the command line. Were you able to successfully implement it and manage SPARC VMs with it?
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