ZFS rpool physical disk move

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Operating Systems Solaris ZFS rpool physical disk move
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Sun ZFS rpool physical disk move

I'd like to finish setting up this system and then move the secondary or primary disk to another system that is the exact same hardware.

I've done things like this in the past with ufs and disk suite mirroring just fine. But I have yet to do it with a zfs root pool mirror.

Are there any gotchas i should know about, like with a mirror i would edit /etc/system comment out md and boot without it then re do the mirrot, etc.

How will ZFS react to this, should i offline the disk in the rpool first before pulling it?

Any input would be great thanks in advance.

solaris 11/11
zfs mirrored root pool
Sun X3-2 server
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You do not need to mess with /etc/system. You can offline the device then detach it from the mirror.

Reply if you need any clearification
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