V100 boot issue

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Operating Systems Solaris V100 boot issue
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Old 01-29-2013
V100 boot issue

In the server room at my new job, there is a V100 with a problem. When power is turned on, the machine goes to the lom prompt. Entering poweron yields an endless supply of this message with no way to break out of it.

PSTATE=0000000000000015 TBA=00000000f0000000 DCU Control=0000000000000000
AFSR=0000000000000000 AFAR=000000004ce2fcc0 PIL=000000000000000f
I-SFSR=0000000000663029 D-SFSR=0000000000000000 D-SFAR=0000000000000020
TL=0005 TT=0010 TPC=00000000f0004200 TNPC=00000000f0004204
TL=0004 TT=0010 TPC=00000000f0004200 TNPC=00000000f0004204
TL=0003 TT=0010 TPC=00000000f0006fe0 TNPC=00000000f0006fe4
TL=0002 TT=017f TPC=00000000f0057284 TNPC=00000000f0057288
TL=0001 TT=004e TPC=00000000010090c0 TNPC=00000000010090c4

This particular machine is off support, and several questions exactly like mine found in an internet search are from 2006 and have no answer.

So, someone tell me, what does it mean? Is there a way to break out of it? Or is this a machine destined for recycling?

UPDATE: While all of the stuff is scrolling across the screen, I can do a #. to break out and return to the lom prompt. But every command entered after that merely returns to the endless scrolling.

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Old 01-29-2013
This looks like a faulty RAM issue. Take the lid off the box and see how many RAM modules are in there. Hopefully, there's more than one.

Look at them and see if they all look the same. Hopefully they are all the same.

Try re-seating them all to check for dirty contacts. If that doesn't fix it then remove them all and fit them one at a time and try poweron.

Try to get a known working condition and then progress one step at a time.
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Old 01-29-2013
I swapped the memory between the box in question and another one that was headed for recycling and it booted up fine.

Thank you.
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Old 01-30-2013
Well that's one way of doing it!!!! Job done then. [solved]
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