Solaris 10 booting from EMC SAN DISK

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 booting from EMC SAN DISK
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Old 01-14-2013
Solaris 10 booting from EMC SAN DISK

Hi All,

I have server : Sun-Fire-V490 configured with Solaris 10 zfs

and I have configured three mirror the third one from EMC

PHP Code:
root@server # zpool status -v
The pool is formatted using an older on-disk format.  The pool can
        still be used
but some features are unavailable.
actionUpgrade the pool using 'zpool upgrade'.  Once this is donethe
        pool will no longer be accessible on older software versions
scanresilvered 5.51M in 0h0m with 0 errors on Sun Jan 13 16:15:28 2013

        rpool             ONLINE       0     0     0
-0        ONLINE       0     0     0
            c3t0d0s0      ONLINE       0     0     0
            c3t1d0s0      ONLINE       0     0     0
            emcpower9a    ONLINE       0     0     0 

I'm excuting this command

PHP Code:
luxadm set_boot_dev /dev/dsk/emcpower9a
Do you want to change boot-device to the new setting? (y/n
to keep the server to boot from the third mirror which is emcpower9a

but still server is not booting &I'm getting this message

PHP Code:
Rebooting with commandboot r
Boot device
: /pseudo/emcp@9:a,blk  File and args: - r

Can't locate boot device 

Please all is there any advice in this regard to boot from SAN Storage DISK which is emcpower9a

waiting your advice ..
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Old 01-14-2013
boot - r is not a valid option for the boot command! there is boot -r which is "reconfigure" but why do a reconfigure boot here?
- set your bootdevice (which should be done with the luxadm command).
- shutdown your server with a init 0 which will drop you to ok prompt.
- from ok prompt check your settings with printenv and correct the settings as needed.
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Old 01-15-2013
I'm not rebooting by this command
boot - r

after I set the boot device I reboot the system by
 reboot -- - r

then once the system got started I got this error
Can't locate boot device

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Old 01-15-2013
because there is no such thing as "- r" as an argument for the boot command. after setting the bootdevice try to use
init 6

to reboot the server.
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Old 01-17-2013
Have you installed boot block on this device?
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Old 01-20-2013
no and how to can I do that ?

Please explain to me and advice
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Old 01-20-2013
Well, I believe when you placed this device under mirror so all data and boot blocks must have copied in this device also.

Go to Ok prompt and find out alias for this device using

and give command
 boot <alias>

and see what you get.
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