Problems cloning Solaris 10 x86 Installation to bigger HDD

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Problems cloning Solaris 10 x86 Installation to bigger HDD

Dear All,

I have been trying to move my existing Solaris Installation (x86, 10/08) to a bigger HDD.

So I created a 22 cylinder boot partition and used the rest of the space for a Solaris2 partition. Then I created slices same size like on my current disk.

I copied all files with cpio and now I'm stuck.

I was following a tutorial, which seems to be for Solaris 8. Can't post the link, yet.

Please can anybody tell me how I'll get my new HDD bootable?

Thank you very much in advance


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As with any O/S you need to write out a bootblock (or boot loader) to the starting sectors of the (raw) disk. You didn't mention that so I assume that you haven't done it?
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Dear hicksd8,

thank you for that, I did already try it.
The result is that I'll reach a grub CLI and stuck.
Thanks very much for any further ideas.
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I understand what you are saying.

Please check that the partition that you want to boot from is bootable (technically known as marked "active").

On x86 you use fdisk for this.

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