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OpenIndiana: Can't mount ext2 filesystem

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Operating Systems Solaris OpenIndiana: Can't mount ext2 filesystem
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Old 12-03-2012
OpenIndiana: Can't mount ext2 filesystem

I have oi_151a7 and installed from sfe fuse-ext, libfuse and e2fsprogs. Mount e.g.
# mount -F ext2fs /dev/dsk/c4t0d0p1 /mnt
"mount: Operation not applicable to FSType ext2fs"
$ fuse-ext2 /dev/dsk/c4t0d0p1 ~/tmp/a/
does not output anything but the filesystem seems not to be mounted.
What packages and commands do I need to mount an ext2 filesystem?
(Or would it be easier to mount a OpenBSD ffs?)

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Old 12-03-2012
Try -t instead of -F

And make sure your system actually supports ext2. Not the same thing as ext3 these days. cat /proc/filesystems
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Old 12-04-2012
mount has no option t and in /proc there seems to be only process numbers, no "filesystems".

I'm using OpenIndiana, maybe there are some differences to current Oracle Solaris or older OpenSolaris.
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Old 12-04-2012
Originally Posted by bsdx
mount has no option t and in /proc there seems to be only process numbers, no "filesystems".
Indeed, I guess Corona688 confused OpenIndiana with a Gnu/Linux distribution. /proc/filesystem and mount -t are both Linux specific.
I'm using OpenIndiana, maybe there are some differences to current Oracle Solaris or older OpenSolaris.
If you properly installed these packages and they still don't, chances are they are no more compatible with the current illumos kernel. There is work in progress to include ext2 support on Illumos but it is not completed:

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