Can you set the MAC address in a zone

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Operating Systems Solaris Can you set the MAC address in a zone
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Can you set the MAC address in a zone

On our Solaris 10 servers we have shared NIC interfaces. We have a program that is having issues talking to the all zones because they have the same MAC address.
Is there a way with zonecfg or ifconfig to change the MAC on the zones?

Other wise we need to rewire the servers and I don't know if we have enough NICs for all the zones.

Thanks for any imput you can give.
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Could you give them different IP addresses instead? It's easier to give one network card multiple IP's than to give one network card multiple MAC's...
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Not possible in Solaris 10 running zones using shared NIC. It is possible in Solaris 11, by creating VNICs on a single network card and assigning them as exclusive NICs to zones.

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Originally Posted by Corona688
Could you give them different IP addresses instead? It's easier to give one network card multiple IP's than to give one network card multiple MAC's...
This is how shared network cards work in zone environment, so I'm pretty sure OP already has this scenario in place.
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Thanks guys for posting.

The issue is I already have multiple IP addresses for each NIC. The program witch is called ePo is using the MAC address as well as the IP to talk to servers. The admin for this system/program says he needs the zones to have there own NICs. So me and my co-workers where thinking maybe we could change the MAC address like we the IP address in the system.

As it looks now we will have to make NICs exclusive to each zone.

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It may be possible to alter the MAC address of a card, but it will still only have one of them.
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