Solaris 10 ZFS

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Solaris 10 ZFS

I'm typing on a nice Sunblade 100 that is willing to be a lab rat for my experiments.

I installed Solaris 10 and want to mess with ZFS.

Does anyone have any docs on how to install zfs or how to convert my current UFS filesystems to ZFS?

Does anyone have any experiences good or bad with ZFS at this point they would like to share?
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bad news for you, in the first release of solaris 10 (03/05) is no ZFS support included. you will have to wait until the next release of 10 is out....

i've played with the ZFS (internal version for employees and partners) some months ago, it's very nice, easy to handle with very nice features and good looking dynamicfeatures. a nice idea to make a new concept including volumemanagement and filesystem in one product.....
on the first look it looks a bit like the VxVM & VxFS, with pools and virtual storagepaths. but the dynamic was amazing! on a mountet pool i added a new disk and he started immediately to stripe, no preparetion, just instant stripe... a dd on a mirror half just increased the error counter, nothing else; always difficult to say, what is the good site of a mirror for the VM, seems not for ZFS...
my version was only for external disks not for the rootdisk, but sun is trying to include ZFS in the rootfilesystem. let's see what the next update of solaris10 will be :-)

greetings PRESSY
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