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DNS service is in maintenance mode. How to bring it back to online mode?

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Operating Systems Solaris DNS service is in maintenance mode. How to bring it back to online mode?
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Old 10-21-2012
CPU & Memory DNS service is in maintenance mode. How to bring it back to online mode?

when i tried to look the status of DNS-client, it is in maintenance mode.....
Please tell me how to bring it back to online mode...PLEASE TELL ME STEP BY STEP.... PLEASE...

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Old 10-21-2012
step 1: Post svcs -xv output.
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Old 10-23-2012
There are some that must be running for DNS to be online. Now you have to check them.

run this command

svcs -l FMR

where FMRI is the dns client FMRI

Then look at the services that say "required" is any of them offline? If any of them is offline, you will need to fix it. If none is offline, then the problem is with the dns client service. However the fixing process is the same.

Go to the log file and find out what is the problem.

svcs -l FMRI or svcs -x FMRI

will provide you the path of the log location. Read why any of the required service or the dns is in maintenance mode.

Fix the problem then restart the FMRI

svcadm restart FMRI.

Reply if you have any questions. Its difficult to explain.

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