Help needed for patching on zone cluster

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Operating Systems Solaris Help needed for patching on zone cluster
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Old 09-03-2012
Help needed for patching on zone cluster

Hi All,

Below is the configuration of my sun cluster.

root@glob-one # clzc status
 === Zone Clusters ===
 --- Zone Cluster Status ---
 Name      Node Name          Zone HostName       Status   Zone Status
 ----      ---------          -------------       ------   -----------
 data      glob-two            local-zone2     Online   Running
              glob-one           local-zone1     Online   Running
 appl      glob-one             local-applzone1   Online   Running
             glob-two            local-applzone2   Online   Running

root@glob-one  # zoneadm list -icv
  ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND    IP
   0 global        running       /                              native   shared
   1 data          running   /zones/data                  cluster  shared
   2 appl          running  /zones/appl                  cluster  shared
root@glob-one  #
root@local-zone1 # clrg status
=== Cluster Resource Groups ===
Group Name        Node Name          Suspended   Status
----------        ---------          ---------   ------
data-rg           local-zone1    Yes         Online
                  local-zone2    Yes         Offline
root@local-zone1 # 

root@local-applzone2 # clrg status
=== Cluster Resource Groups ===
Group Name     Node Name           Suspended    Status
----------     ---------           ---------    ------
appl-rg        local-applzone2    Yes          Online
               local-applzone1    Yes          Offline
root@local-applzone2 #

I want to patch glob-one & glob-two.
Kindly let me know the steps needed for this.

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