i cant get to my desktop

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i cant get to my desktop

i just tryed to install solaris 10.. it installed fine.. but when i restarted it and tried to use it.. i get a message that says: The X server cannot be started on display :0...
what do i do? Smilie
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Take it your on a x86 hardware?

If so (Got this from another site)

using sys-unconfig and then use kdmconfig which should resolve this issue

Else go here (it's a google link) for some help
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I would definitely not reccommend a sys-unconfig as a first step.

Log in in command line mode and have a look at /var/dt/Xerrors for some infomration as to why it didn't start.

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# 4  
still didnt work

i tried to execute the file and it says: cannot execute
also keep in mind that a reinstall is not and option because during the install disk 1 ejected before it stopped spinning and got ruined but i really would like to get to my desktop... heres some specs on my computer
Dell optiplex GX 270
Intel Inside Pentium 4 processor (2.66 ghz)
the graphics card DOES show up in the system config
only thing that doesnt work is when it atemps to configure the network address...(dont worry about it that problem though)
# 5  
No, look at the file.

more /var/dt/Xerrors

have a look at what it says inside the file, it is an error log.
# 6  
i have given up

i borrowed the disk that my drive messed up and i installed the system on my other (older model) dell and it works fine on it.. i am guessin that the video card on my new one is the cause of the error (feel free to correct me if im wrong... so i'll just stick to my other OS on my new one.... thanks for your suggetions
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