Solaris with Soft Errors in XIV

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris with Soft Errors in XIV
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Error Solaris with Soft Errors in XIV

Hi guys,

I had a solaris box, with veritas controled disk.
1 disc is showing soft errors, how can I repair the soft errors?
Please help.

# 2  
You can't repair them. It is indicator of failing disk. If the soft error count is not incrementing then you have some time before disk really fails. If it is incrementing fast, then better replace it right away.
# 3  

Thanks bartus for your response \m/

But when we check the arrays, we saw no faulty disk/arrays.

We only saw the soft errors in the solaris box.

What do you think?
# 4  
So those disks are connected by Fibre Channel?
# 5  
Yup, it is connected via fiber.
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