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Memory problems in Blade 6340

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Operating Systems Solaris Memory problems in Blade 6340
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Old 06-26-2012
Memory problems in Blade 6340

We have a 6000 chassis with three blades in it. Two of the blades have "Oracle/Sun" memory in them with no complaints. The third blade is populated with Dataram dimms. That 3rd blade continues to flag a slot bad. Oracle has said they would not support the blade with Dataram memory it it. I didn't purchase the ram, but our purchasing guy say he was told it was compatible with the blade prior to the purchase. Has anyone else had similar problems? One the thing notice is even moving the so-called bad dimm, doesn't follow. It still shows up as the same slot. We have tried two different blades and the only difference we notice is voltage. The voltage required for the "Oracle/Sun" memory, which is actually Samsung, is different from the requirement for the 3rd party Dataram memory.
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Old 06-26-2012
Your purchasing guy is full of you-know-what. He was looking for brownie points with his boss.

Get the right memory. Doesn't it sound odd to you that the memory voltage requirements are not the the same for 'compatible' memory?
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