tftp configuring on Solaris 5.7

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Operating Systems Solaris tftp configuring on Solaris 5.7
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Old 05-19-2005
tftp configuring on Solaris 5.7


I need to setup a tftp facility on a Sun server.
Can someone help me urgently, i need this to be up at the earliest.

Vivek Smilie
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Old 05-19-2005
If enabled tftp in both /etc/inetd and /etc/services
and a directory /tftpboot exists (or you create it) you can enable tftp
by sending a HUP to inetd.

In solaris 8 or later the simplest way is "pkill -HUP inetd" otherwise kill -HUP <pid of inetd>

EDIT: If you are enabling tftp for the porpose of jumpstart, this will be done automatically by the add_install_client script the first time it is run.
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