Move root disk to new server

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Operating Systems Solaris Move root disk to new server
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Move root disk to new server

I need to do an installation where I have identical hardware at both sites and create the installation at one site and take the disk to the other site. Question: Do I need to do anything special for the OS to come up properly?

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Should work fine.
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yeah, should be fine, just do a reconfiguration reboot on the second site to be sure.
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Thanks. To thicken the issue, I'm running VxVM. I guess I'll need to install the VxVM license at the new site. Do I install the license at the ok prompt prior to the first boot -r command?
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Originally Posted by VirginiaSA
Thanks. To thicken the issue, I'm running VxVM. I guess I'll need to install the VxVM license at the new site. Do I install the license at the ok prompt prior to the first boot -r command?
No, the root disk will be an encapsulated UFS filesystem, and will boot. You should boot and then apply the license.

Actually, thinking about this further is could be best to unencasulate the disk before moving it and reencapsuleate it at the new site.

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storage is involved. will that blow up the storage?
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Maybe you should post some more info - your original question wasn't very informative as far as the many things you have going on. You stated everything was identical and then afterwards mentioned VxVM - is the root partition controlled by Veritas? What do you mean by storage is involved? You stated you were moving "the disk".

Post the OS and version
Post the Veritas VM version
Post the hardware information
Post any other relevant information on what you are trying to accomplish.
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