Not able to delete the route on one of the server

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Operating Systems Solaris Not able to delete the route on one of the server
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Old 05-21-2012
Not able to delete the route on one of the server

I try to delete the route on one of the server
But I am not able to do it
its show the error
# route delete
delete host gateway not in table

If I add the route also its shows the error message
# route add -net
add net gateway entry exists

But still its there in netstat -rn

# netstat -rn |grep UG 1 302 UG 1 0

Solaris 8 server

what was the issue here. How to resolve the same

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Old 05-21-2012
Try deleting both routes and re-adding the one you want.
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Old 05-21-2012
Hey pls chck through below files


check through what this script does /usr/sbin/in.routed, srry dont have sol8 with me to check through

And routeadm serves as alternative
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Old 05-21-2012

# route delete -net
Don't have solaris here but I think that's the correct syntax
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Old 05-22-2012
hi bapu

this is proper syntax on solaris

route delete default < GW ip>
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Old 05-24-2012

Your syntax is wrong, as pointed by Juan you have missed -net while deleting the route.

Correct syntax is
route delete -net

If you look at the output of netstat -nr.
# netstat -rn |grep UG 1 302 UG 1 0

The flag G means the route was added with -net option [-net Force the destination to be interpreted as a network], hence in order to delete it you must specify -net while deleting otherwise it will always say not in table.

Vishal Aswani
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