System time and Cron time stamp not matching

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Operating Systems Solaris System time and Cron time stamp not matching
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Old 04-24-2012
System time and Cron time stamp not matching

On Solaris 10 server the system date won't match with the timestamp on files created by a cron jobs, Please help

here is what i get when i check for system date
infodba-ie10ux014:/tcpdv1_ie10/tcadmin/bin\n\r-> date
Tue Apr 24 15:27:43 GMT 2012

at same time i executed a cron job, and checked time stamp on log generated from cron Job
infodba-ie10ux014:/tcpdv1_ie10/tcadmin/bin\n\r-> ls -l /tcpdv1_ie10/tcadmin/cronlogs/user_login.log
-rw-r--r--   1 infodba  tcgrp        243 Apr 24 10:10 /tcpdv1_ie10/tcadmin/cronlogs/user_login.log

Don't know what's causing this issue

so the system date is "Tue Apr 24 15:27:43" and time stamp on the file created by cron is "Apr 24 10:10"
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Old 04-24-2012
looks like it's due to timezone configuration.
execute grep TZ ~/.*profile and post what it returns.
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Old 04-24-2012
Is the script the same one which you were testing in your previous thread? It messes with the TZ variable:

What is you normal timezone?

I suspect that the script running from cron is messing with the timezone.
In case your cron is not set up correctly, please try a one-off script run form cron with output redirected to a file and containing these two commands:


Then compare the date of the log file with the output from the date command taking into account the value of $TZ .
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Old 04-25-2012
Hello sailesh
grep TZ ~/.*profile

returned empty, i checked my .profile
here is how it looks
infodba-ie10ux014:/home/infodba\n\r-> cat .profile
#       This is the default standard profile provided to a user.
#       They are expected to edit it to meet their own needs.
#  Raghu added the new PATH /SPLM/tcadmin/bin

export EDITOR=vi

. $HOME/.kshrc

set -o vi
# Disabled until server share is enabled

# FMS_HOME=/SPLM/Teamcenter83/fcc; export FMS_HOME

Hello Methyl
I executed the cron script as you suggested, from the output this what i get for TZ

when i directly execute the date command from shell i get
infodba-ie10ux014:/home/infodba\n\r-> date
Wed Apr 25 12:12:16 GMT 2012

Since my Timezone is Asia/Calutta, does teh GMT need to be changed?,


---------- Post updated at 04:09 AM ---------- Previous update was at 01:43 AM ----------

i checked my /etc/TIMEZONE
# be enclosed in double quotes (") or single quotes (').

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Old 04-25-2012
The syntax for the value of TZ in /etc/TIMEZONE looks wrong to me.
Anybody with a similar Solaris in that part of the world got a view on this?

Can't see where GMT0BST came from. Is the value being overridden in /etc/profile ?
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