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Remove Server Sleep Mode

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Operating Systems Solaris Remove Server Sleep Mode
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Old 04-05-2005
Remove Server Sleep Mode

Hi All,

Need some help here. Can anyone tell me how to set or which start up script to edit in order not to set the server to sleep mode after a while of inactivity. My Unix server will go to sleep mode and then i always end up with a OK Prompt and have to reset the server. My Server is a V120 running Solaris 9

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Old 04-05-2005
take a look into your /etc/power.conf
use: man power.conf

greetings pressy
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Old 04-05-2005
RE:Remove Server Sleep Mode

Hi Press,

Thanks a lot .... Smilie
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Old 04-05-2005
If the system is a server, I'd go ahead and disable /etc/rc*/*power init daemon entries as well and then stop the daemon. Keep in mind that patching the system will sometimes re-add the disabled rc scripts and /etc/power.conf.


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Old 04-06-2005
RE: Remove Server Sleep Mode


Can u enlighten me how to do it ?
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Old 04-06-2005
To start off, create an empty root owned file in / called noautoshutdown:

# touch /noautoshutdown; chmod 400 /noautoshutdown

Just a point of curiosity; what does your /etc/power.conf file look like?

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Old 04-06-2005
RE:Remove Server Sleep Mode


Actually my problem is that the v120 Server that i have is very strange. In fact i have two v120 server. The other is ok. But this particularly is very strange. When i use it during office hour. Is ok. But if i left it overnight. The next day it will be at OK prompt when i connect to it via the LOM port. I have to because i cannot telnet in nor i can ping. Does this cause by the power safe mode or the OS crash ?


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