Sunfire X4600 Errors on Bootup

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Operating Systems Solaris Sunfire X4600 Errors on Bootup
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Old 03-15-2012
Sunfire X4600 Errors on Bootup

Hi Folks,
Has anyone seen these errors on bootup.

Mar 15 12:22:30 svc.startd[7]: svc:/system/device/local:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/devices-local" failed due to signal (c) 1983, 2010, 
Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.    
Configuring devices.                                                            
Mar 15 12:22:37 svc.startd[138]: restarting after interruption                  
Mar 15 12:22:37 svc.startd[138]: svc:/system/name-service-cache:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/svc-nscd" failed due to signal SEGV.                     
umem allocator: redzone violation: write past end of buffer                     
buffer=882ac38  bufctl=882dc90  cache: umem_alloc_56                            
previous transaction on buffer 882ac38:                                         
thread=5  time=T-0.193408280  slab=87b27c0  cache: umem_alloc_56       '?? (0xfeea9d40)                                           'umem_cache_alloc+0x15c                                    'umem allocator: umem_alloc+0x3f                           'malloc+0x23                                               '?? (0xfef53400)                                                  
buffer freed to wrong cache                                            'buffer was allocated from umem_alloc_40,                         
?? (0xfef53550)caller attempting free to umem_alloc_16.                         
                                                                       'buffer=851b2a8  bufctl=851a5c8  cache: umem_alloc_16             
?? (0xfef5372a)previous transaction on buffer 851b2a8:                          
                                                                       '?? (0xfef554dc)                                        '?? (0xfef5565c)thread=53  time=T-0.000362286  slab=84d6b30  cache: umem_alloc_40
        - /var/sadm/system/logs/install_log (after reboot)'?? (0xfef560df)''?? (0xfeea9d40)?? (0xfef5594f)
Executing JumpStart postinstall phase...''umem_cache_alloc+0xe1nish"...''umem_alloc+0x3fnvlist_unpack+0x26
?? (0xfef91b03)svc.startd'/vfstab.'?? (0x806c18d)?? (0xfef91c01)
ln: cannot create /a/usr/local: File exists
umem: heap corruption detectedsvc.startd'/cgrep
graph_protocol_send_event+0x11IALNUM file ********************
stack trace:ccess /tmp/install_config/var/install.details
svc.startd''restarter_instance_update_states+0x149?? (0xfeea6189)
svc.startd''method_thread+0x2ff?? (0xfeea8e14)-------------''?? (0xfedf7e66)?? (0xfeea9e87)eps you need
to perform to complete system installation.''?? (0xfedf8150)
umem_cache_free+0x3fumem: heap corruption detectedby issuing the
following command:'umem_free+0xd5
stack trace:x -s "install.details" <your e-mail address> < /var/tmp/install.details'?? (0xfeea7ee1)-------------------------------------------'free+0x14for /a''?? (0xfef53420)?? (0xfeea6189)''?? (0xfef53583)?? (0xfeea8e14)eted.''umem_free+0xa1?? (0xfef53760)
The system is being restarted.
svc.startd'?? (0x8071878)'?? (0xfedf7e66)'?? (0xfedf7e66)'?? (0xfedf8150)'?? (0xfedf8150)
Requesting maintenance mode
(See /lib/svc/share/README for additional information.)

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Old 03-15-2012
Seems like this is happening while installing Solaris. Isn't it? Can you post a little bit of your environement (memory, cpu, etc. ) ?
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