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Lost Root Password on VXVM Encapsulated Root Disk

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Operating Systems Solaris Lost Root Password on VXVM Encapsulated Root Disk
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Old 03-06-2012
Lost Root Password on VXVM Encapsulated Root Disk

Hi All

Hope it's okay to post on this sub-forum, couldn't find a better place

I've got a 480R running solaris 8 with veritas volume manager managing all filesystems, including an encapsulated root disk (I believe the root disk is encapsulated as one of the root mirror disks has an entry under /etc/vx/reconfig.d/disk.d/c1t0d0). The root password has been lost and I need to reset it. I've found what looks like a decent document online that suggests that I need to unencapsulate the root disk prior to changing the shadow entry. Seems risky work for a simple change - i'm hoping there may be a shortcut but heyho otherwise... I'm probably being over cautious Smilie

As the disk is encapsulated, can I just remove one of the disks while the system is live (effectively splitting the mirror), then boot from CD, mount the root FS, edit the shadow directly, boot again and just replace the removed disk? Any idea if the FS would be marked as 'dirty' by vxvm if I did this and not be bootable?

Assuming my finger in the air solution above won't work. Any idea if the document will be okay to run with?


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Old 03-09-2012
The document is correct, basically you need boot from cdrom, unencapsulate boot disks, delete the password and reencapsulate the disks.

Only check, the vxvm version that you use, I thing that few commands can change with the link.

I think that this link can help you

Enterprise Support - Symantec Corp. - 3 ways to unencapsulate (including manual unencapsulation)

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