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Veritas disk group not the same on each cluster node.


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Old Unix and Linux 02-03-2012   -   Original Discussion by buggin
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Veritas disk group not the same on each cluster node.

Need help getting all disk devices back on node 2 the same as node 1.

Recently Veritas and/or Sun cluster got wrecked on my 2 node Sun cluster after installing the latest patch cluster. I backed out the patches and then node 2 could see only half of the devices and Veritas drives (though format shows them all). Node1 could see all the devices but I had to rebuild them from an old vxprint output to get it to normal.

Right now node 1 mounts all the devices and drives just fine but node 2 only sees half of the devices and also seems to be looking for the Veritas drives in the wrong place at the same time (see below).
I tried rebuilding the drives from node 2 at least for the devices it could see (only half of them) and then they mounted but after switching disk group control to node 1 and then back to node 2 the drives and Veritas disks are mixed up again. The devices (FLEXLINE*) still only show half of them no matter what I do.

Please help I have made huge progress on my own with this but cannot get the rest of the FLEXLINE devices to be seen on node 2 by Veritas again. Running Solaris 10, Veritas 5, and Sun Cluster 3.2 on a pair of v490s and a 6540 Storage Tek

Here is node 2 output when it has control of the disk groups:
FLEXLINE0_0 auto:sliced satadg01 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_1 auto:sliced satadg02 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_2 auto:sliced satadg13 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_3 auto:sliced satadg24 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_4 auto:sliced satadg25 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_5 auto:sliced satadg26 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_6 auto:sliced satadg27 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_7 auto:sliced satadg28 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_8 auto:sliced satadg29 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_9 auto:sliced satadg30 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_10 auto:sliced satadg03 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_11 auto:sliced satadg04 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_12 auto:sliced satadg05 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_13 auto:sliced satadg06 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_14 auto:sliced satadg07 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_30 auto:cdsdisk fcdg02 fcdg online
FLEXLINE0_31 auto:cdsdisk - (xqadg) online
FLEXLINE0_32 auto:none - - online invalid
FLEXLINE0_33 auto:none - - online invalid
c6t500000E014ADBD30d0s2 auto - - error
c6t500000E0143A3530d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid
fabric_0 auto:none - - online invalid
fabric_2 auto:sliced - (Quorum) online udid_mismatch
fabric_3 auto:none - - online invalid
- - satadg08 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_4
- - satadg10 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_10
- - satadg11 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_11
- - satadg12 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_12
- - satadg14 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_6
- - satadg15 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_13
- - satadg16 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_2
- - satadg17 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_1
- - satadg18 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_8
- - satadg19 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_7
- - satadg20 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_14
- - satadg21 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_5
- - satadg22 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_3
- - satadg23 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_9
- - satadg31 satadg failed was:FLEXLINE0_0

Node 1 when it has control:
FLEXLINE0_0 auto:sliced satadg31 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_1 auto:sliced satadg17 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_2 auto:sliced satadg16 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_3 auto:sliced satadg22 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_4 auto:sliced satadg08 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_5 auto:sliced satadg21 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_6 auto:sliced satadg14 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_7 auto:sliced satadg19 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_8 auto:sliced satadg18 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_9 auto:sliced satadg23 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_10 auto:sliced satadg10 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_11 auto:sliced satadg11 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_12 auto:sliced satadg12 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_13 auto:sliced satadg15 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_14 auto:sliced satadg20 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_15 auto:sliced satadg13 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_16 auto:sliced satadg03 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_17 auto:sliced satadg30 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_18 auto:sliced satadg04 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_19 auto:sliced satadg28 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_20 auto:sliced satadg06 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_21 auto:sliced satadg02 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_22 auto:sliced satadg01 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_23 auto:sliced satadg24 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_24 auto:sliced satadg29 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_25 auto:sliced satadg26 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_26 auto:sliced satadg07 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_27 auto:sliced satadg05 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_28 auto:sliced satadg25 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_29 auto:sliced satadg27 satadg online
FLEXLINE0_30 auto:cdsdisk fcdg02 fcdg online
FLEXLINE0_31 auto:cdsdisk - - online
FLEXLINE0_32 auto:none - - online invalid
FLEXLINE0_33 auto:none - - online invalid
c6t500000E0144C06F0d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid
c6t500000E0144C0890d0s2 auto:none - - online invalid
fabric_0 auto:none - - online invalid
fabric_1 auto:sliced quorum01 Quorum online
fabric_3 auto:none - - online invalid
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