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Script to automate NAS space alerts

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Operating Systems Solaris Script to automate NAS space alerts
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Script to automate NAS space alerts

Hello Everyone,

I need your expertise in creating script on how to automate sending of alert/notification of NAS Space and also File counts with the following requirements.

1. Automatically send to assigned sysadmin if it crosses threshold level.
2. Threshold is 80% utilization of the total capacity (e.g. 70GB used out of 100GB.

Thanks in Advance.

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Script to automate NAS space alerts

Hi sb008,

Yes..i need to get alerts in mail..plz help me..!!

Thanks in Advance.

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Build a script which gathers your the volume information of your NAS using SNMP.

Check your NAS documentation or NAS MIBs for the OID's to use.

If it would be a Linux box, something like:

snmpwalk -v2c -c <somecommuntystring> <somehost> hrStorage

would provide the required info.

Ofcourse SNMP needs to be enabled on your NAS.

If you have no idea about the OID's, run a full walk to find them.

snmpwalk -v2c -c <somecommuntystring> <somehost> .

Notice the dot "." at the end.

The SNMP output, in case of a walk, are indexed tables.

Combine "Description", "Size", "Used" or whatever in the script to calculate the used percentage for each volume.

Define a treshhold in your script and if the used percentage for a voulme exceeds the treshhold, send out an e-mail.

Run the script as a Cron job


Or use some monitoring tool like Nagios. Nagios is capable to send out alerts by e-mail.
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Script to automate NAS space alerts

Hi sb008,

Thanks for your reply.

But I need script for Solaris box.

A script which sends NAS Space Alerts & File counts & also large space occupied filename in the same alerts.

Thanks in advance.


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