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available PCI slots on v440

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Operating Systems Solaris available PCI slots on v440
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available PCI slots on v440

How do I find any available PCI slots on a v440?

When I run prtconf, I get the following output? But I am not able to make out whether all the PCI slots are used.

================================= IO Devices =================================
     Bus   Freq
Brd  Type  MHz   Slot        Name                          Model
---  ----  ----  ----------  ----------------------------  --------------------
 0   pci    66           MB  pci108e,abba (network)        SUNW,pci-ce
 0   pci    66         PCI2  pci1077,1016 (scsi)           QLGC,ISP10160
 0   pci    66         PCI2  pci1077,1016 (scsi)           QLGC,ISP10160
 0   pci    33           MB  isa/su (serial)
 0   pci    33           MB  isa/su (serial)
 0   pci    33           MB  isa/rmc-comm-rmc_comm (seria+
 0   pci    33           MB  pci10b9,5229 (ide)
 0   pci    66           MB  pci108e,abba (network)        SUNW,pci-ce
 0   pci    66           MB  scsi-pci1000,30 (scsi-2)      LSI,1030
 0   pci    66           MB  scsi-pci1000,30 (scsi-2)      LSI,1030

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PCI2 is used... all the other PCI slots should be free...

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