Redirecting print to optional output bins

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Redirecting print to optional output bins


We have a HP P4015 laserjet printer with a 5 bin mailbox attached & configured. We can print to the specific output bins from Oracle e-Business suite, however our print output format is incompatible so it prints out random characters instead of the letter content.

I have looked at changing the PPD file associated with the printer to set a fixed output bin but that hasn't worked. So in the end I changed the modelscript file associated with the printer and set a PJL OUTBIN command to print to a optional output bin. That too hasn't worked for some reason and the output prints normally but lands on the default upper tray as against the indicated one. Also, we use HPPI on Solaris for printing.

My question therefore was if there is any way for me to associate a default output bin to a print queue on the system. I thought that changing the model script and setting the PJL instruction would have done that.

I am certain that the e-Business suite can indicate the optional outbin so this can be achieved but do not know if I can achieve the same in another way or if someone with experience in this area can help further.

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Thanks, but I do not see anything in the faq that allows me to print output to a specific printer bin... Can you please clarify what you think is useful in the FAQ in my case?

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