Solaris machine is at # prompt not able to login in GUI mode

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris machine is at # prompt not able to login in GUI mode
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Old 12-30-2011
Solaris machine is at # prompt not able to login in GUI mode

Solaris machine is at # prompt not able to login in GUI mode :

I want to login solaris server in GUI mode from # prompt.

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Please send me some guidelines regarding this....
as i want to login machine to resolve other issues also ......................
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Old 12-30-2011
It's hard to tell without any clue.

Is it a first installation or graphic login was previously working ?
What Solaris release ?
What architecture x86 or SPARC ?
Any error message ?
Any recent change ?
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Old 01-02-2012
if /.profile exists -- rename or remove it ...
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