Video capture and editing on Solaris vs Debian vs Ubuntu

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Operating Systems Solaris Video capture and editing on Solaris vs Debian vs Ubuntu
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Old 12-29-2011
Video capture and editing on Solaris vs Debian vs Ubuntu

I am interested in doing some heavy video work. I have a ADVC 110 Video capture device, which I am using to capture VHS video tapes, which I will convert on the server to DVD format and burn to DVD's using DVD production software. I will also take the captured video file and split it up in parts and convert to other formats.
I will have a need to rip DVD video and encoding.

My question is for these tasks what setup do you suggest for the following.

The server that will be doing this work is:

HP Proliant DL-380 G4
Dual CPU's 3.20 ghz / 800 mhz / 1MB L2
5120 MB RAM
6 hard disks on HP Smart Array 6i controller (36.4 GB Ultra320 SCSI HD each)
RAID set to RAID 5 (5 discs) with one spare (6th disk)
USB, 2 Ethernet ports, 1 ILO port, 1 SCSI port

When it comes to the 6 disk raid I am setting up I was planning to use RAID-5 on 5 disks using the 6th disk as a spare. Do you think this will be to slow (due to the parity) since I will be doing so much video editing?
My other choice was RAID 1+0 (RAID 10). This would not allow me to have that extra spare. Which do you think would be best? I have at least 50 - 2 hour VHS tapes to capture and DVD's not included.

As far as the operating system I am still considering the one to use. I am concerned about security, so I am undecided as to how much proprietary software I will install on this machine. Flash etc, make me a little wary.

I have used Ubuntu on my laptop and have been very satisfied, especially with the community support. However I am looking to try something new and not sure what to expect as far as support and available software necessary to perform the above requirements (and others not mentioned).

I am deciding between Debian 6 (squeeze) and Solaris. I am probably going to install Debian on another laptop I have, and was thinking about Solaris for this server.

The video requirements are one of the major functions this server must perform, and I do not know to much about Solaris. What recommendations do you have concerning the video requirements, and how Solaris will work on this server hardware. Thank you.

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Old 12-29-2011
Solaris would be good as a file server, but Ubuntu has a distro that is made for media editing. Maybe you should just use that. Whey fight if you don't need to.
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