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Operating Systems Solaris Can't get ok prompt
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Old 02-25-2005
Can't get ok prompt


I'm attempting to reinstall a damaged installation of Solaris 9 (on a SunFire). Connected via serial from a PC. Can't get to the "ok" prompt to launch install from CD. Ctrl+break acknowledges my request for a break, but no prompt. "#." gets me an "sc>" prompt, with several options, but afaik, can't install from there. TIA for any help you can offer. UNIX literate, but relatively new to Solaris.

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Old 02-25-2005
sc> that promt is your systemcontroller on your big firemashine....
you want to reinstall just one domain or the whole mashine??? what type of mashine is it?

check if you have only one domain:
sc> showboards
example: you have only one domain... connect to that one:
sc> console A
now power on your mashine
A> setkeyswitch on
that will take up to 1 hour.... and it will bring you to the domain OBP where you can break the mashine.... if you cannot break it return to your domaincontroller with the default break sequence "#." and type "break" ... retourn to the OBP (console) and set your auto-boot to false : "setenv auto-boot? false" now reset your mashine "reset-all" and you will have a "normal" sparc with your OBP/ok promt....

your should take a look at the following commands:
systemcontroller : setupplatform
domaincontroller : setupdomain

greetings pressy

[by the way: please don't missunderstand me, but if you don't know how to handle with a sun fire i would buy a Sun Installservice, it doesn't make any sense to prove yourself with the fire which costs 1000ten of euros... believe me, i am a sun engineer... its much more complicated than a "normal" sparc mashine.. there are many things you have to think about, like the avaibility/redundancy, blablabla ... sry mate ;-) ]
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Old 02-25-2005
working now...

Thanks for your reply. Actually, it's just a (relatively) little SunFire, a V250 to be more specific, only one board. About the size of the typical under-the-desk tower. Probly cost plenty or Euro though...

When I entered 'console', I got the same result as before the "#.". There was output from the boot process, but never an ok prompt, and never accepting any input.

I'm not 100% sure why, but it's working now, and I got an ok prompt. I believe it came from changes I made in resetsc, changing the message level to include 'minor' events and such. If I figure out more precisely how it was fixed, I'll update. Thanks again for your reply.

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Old 02-28-2005
V250 ;-) kk. nowadays everything is called a Sun Fire ;-)
you are talking about a ALOM+ . you have to type "console -f" to force your session to the serial console. Thats because it is really a redirection from the console to the ALOM and so you can get only one "serial" connection a time. i think there is a command called showconnections (or somethink like that) at your ALOM. just type "help" and you will get a command reference.

greetings pressy
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