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V890 serial console inaccessible

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Operating Systems Solaris V890 serial console inaccessible
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Old 10-13-2011
V890 serial console inaccessible

I am battling to get a V890 up and running. The system appears to have AUTOBOOT=false, so no OS comes up when it's powered on, and I do not have the credentials to get to the RSC management console. Output to ttya serial console ends at "Probing I/O buses", I assume because output is then being directed to the RSC card. Here is what I have tried;

- boot system with key in diagnostic position
- emulated Stop-N functionality via the press power button twice when Fault LED blinks rapidly method
- removed RSC card and booted

I have performed the above multiple times, I am still getting no output to ttyya serial console beyond "Probing I/O buses". If only RSC setup could be wiped..... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Old 10-13-2011
booting in "diag" mode or removing the rsc card should redirect the output to the ttya port on the server. are you sure, you've the right cable for a serial connection? if i remember right, you'll need a "null modem" cable to connect to the 25pin port...

(the "diag" mode statement is only true with firmware higher than 4.15.x; removing of rsc card should always work)
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Old 10-13-2011
I just tried the diag boot with RSC card removed, output ends at;

Probing I/O buses
/pci@8,600000: Device 1 network
/pci@8,600000: Device 2 SUNW,qlc fp disk
/pci@8,700000: Device 1 ide disk cdrom
/pci@8,700000: Device 2 Nothing there
/pci@8,700000: Device 3 Nothing there
/pci@8,700000: Device 4 Nothing there
/pci@8,700000: Device 5 Nothing there
/pci@9,600000: Device 1 Nothing there
/pci@9,600000: Device 2 Nothing there
/pci@9,700000: Device 1 network usb
/pci@9,700000: Device 2 Nothing there
/pci@9,700000: Device 3 Nothing there
/pci@9,700000: Device 4 Nothing there

Does the fact that I see output fine up to that point confirm the serial cable setup I'm using is OK? It's a 25-pin to RJ45 adapter, then to USB on my laptop. I'll pursue the null modem cable suggestion.
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Old 10-13-2011
can be the cable which allows you to see output but not to make any input...
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Old 10-14-2011
DukeNuke2, you sir, are a saviour. I thought I was good on my cabling, but after resurrecting a few items from the closet, bingo, it all magically appeared before my eyes on ttya.

What a great Friday morning, now I can make social plans for the weekend! Thanks so much, again.

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