Solaris 10 Networking

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Solaris 10 Networking

I have just installed Solaris 10 for x86. The install seemed to have worked fine, and I have configured my hostname and am able to login and do whatever. However, networking does not seem to have been installed. I have a router which assigns ip address via DHCP. I would have thought Solaris would have been automatically assigned using this, but no. I went to the good 'ole /etc but didn't find any of the files one would think would be there, such as hostname.<myhostname>, or netmasks, and so forth. I then proceeded in finding a dir named inet (in /etc) which contained some of these files but not all. I can't find the defaultgateway at all!

So to sum up, how does one install networking with Solaris 10. (As far as i can deduce it is a bit different from previous versions Smilie )


PS. I'm sure this question is asked often, but through the search tool I have found nothing as specific to my topic...
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First is your network card really supported? If it is so, then you need an empty file /etc/dhcp.<yournetworkdevice> (for example /etc/dhcp.elxl0)
and /etc/hostname.<yournetworkdevice>
You can also add some commands in the dhcp file like "wait time" and "primary" but it is not necessary.

> I can't find the defaultgateway at all!
You do not need the file /etc/defaultgateway if are using dhcp.

It is also possible to configure this with the command "sys-unconfig" as root. Then your network, time, X etc. will be configured again after a reboot.
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Ok, I tried doing the sys-unconfig. After the system restarted it began reconfiguring everything. However it just browsed past the network config - giving me no options. When I create all the files and do "ifconfig cardhere plumb up" it says the card cannot be found. I did a quick google search on my card, which is the Linksys LNE100TX and it appears to be supported with the afe driver. Only thing is that I have two of these cards in the system, not that it should make any difference. So what is going on!?

Thanks for your help,
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Try this:

1. logon to the workstation as root
2. create a file with name:
where INTERFACENAME is the name of the network interface where DHCP must be configured
command: #touch /etc/dhcp.INTERFACENAME

3. empty the file with name /etc/hostname.INTERFACENAME
command: #> /etc/hostname.<<interface>>

4. put the following command in the file: /etc/dhcp.<<interface>>
wait 120

5. Remove the entry with the fixed IP address and hostname from the file: /etc/hosts

6. remove the following file: /etc/defaultrouter
command: #rm /etc/defaultrouter

7. Reboot the client
command: #reboot
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this thread is over 3 years old... and without the driver for the network cards your solution won't work either!
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MySQL Vijay

Hi dear,

once if you installed solaris and if you connect a router that delivering dhcp dynamically, sure solaris will accept the incoming dhcp connections.
i tried this myself .

i think may be your ethernet is not supported by solaris , first you check your ethernet driver is installed properly.

to check that.

ifconfig -a

it will list down the ethernet properties such as ip address, subnet and broadcast address. ( with the interface name )

if you find only loopback address without any ip and broadcast , then pretty sure your ethernet is not installed ...

find a suitable ethernet card for solaris.

Try commad prtdiag to ensure that ethernet driver is installed properly. prtdiag will show all the hardware details installed.

Hope this help you.

Thanks & Regards
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