Configure network in unix with dynamic ip on my DHCP server?

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Configure network in unix with dynamic ip on my DHCP server?

can anyone tell me how can i configure network in unix with dynamic ip on my DHCP server??
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# ifconfig eri0 dhcp start

replace the eri0 with your interface name
Anyways you can get interface name with issuing the
$ifconfig -a

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can you explain more , i just started on unix yesterday?
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Okay, good for you 1st of all post the output of the following command
$ ifconfig -a

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it is running but with ip not in my dhcp (

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i have avirtual box for unix , it makes virtual ip for it, how can i make unix have adynamic ip from my real server?
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Do you mean the IP is static.
If so please post the output from the command
$ifconfig -a

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If you are using VirtualBox You need to bridge Virtual NIC to physical NIC to be able to see the DHCP server.
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how can i copy the code , it doesnot paste anywhere? sorry for making you busy

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i have fixed it ,thanks alot for your help
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