Replace LUN with soft partitions

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Operating Systems Solaris Replace LUN with soft partitions
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Old 09-22-2011
Replace LUN with soft partitions

Hi all,
can somebody provide me with advice if is possible to replace physical LUN, with soft partitions (located directly on LUN, not on metadevice) by the new one.

Current state looks like this:

root@xxx:/etc/zones [global] # metastat -c| egrep -i 900bec2d286
d504             p  159GB /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0
d503             p  8.0GB /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0
d502             p  8.0GB /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0

root@xxx:/etc/zones [global] # for i in d502 d503 d504
root@xxx > do
root@xxx > metastat -p $i
root@xxx > done
d502 -p /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0 -o 8193 -b 16777216 
d503 -p /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0 -o 16785410 -b 16777216 
d504 -p /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0 -o 33562627 -b 333447168

I need to replace /dev/dsk/c4t60060160B5301900BEC2D286D064DF11d0s0 by the new one without data loss.

Thanks for help

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Old 09-23-2011
If you have the option of adding a new lun first, then you can create identical soft partitions on the new lun and copy the complete data on to them, later you can clear the old soft partitions and remove the old lun.

If you don't have the above option, then you need to first take a backup of all the soft partitions [on to some other server etc.] and then you can replace the lun, create the sam soft partitions and copy the data back on them.

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