In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS

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Operating Systems Solaris In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS
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Old 09-19-2011
In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS

Need some one to explain "In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS". Actually, I am not aware of this.

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PACEMAKER(8)						  System Administration Utilities					      PACEMAKER(8)

Pacemaker - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager SYNOPSIS
crm_shadow (query|command) [modifiers] DESCRIPTION
crm_shadow - Perform configuration changes in a sandbox before updating the live cluster. Sets up an environment in which configuration tools (cibadmin, crm_resource, etc) work offline instead of against a live cluster, allowing changes to be previewed and tested for side-effects. OPTIONS
-?, --help This text -$, --version Version information -V, --verbose Increase debug output Queries: -w, --which Indicate the active shadow copy -p, --display Display the contents of the active shadow copy -E, --edit Edit the contents of the active shadow copy with your favorite $EDITOR -d, --diff Display the changes in the active shadow copy -F, --file Display the location of the active shadow copy file Commands: -c, --create=value Create the named shadow copy of the active cluster configuration -e, --create-empty=value Create the named shadow copy with an empty cluster configuration -C, --commit=value Upload the contents of the named shadow copy to the cluster -D, --delete=value Delete the contents of the named shadow copy -r, --reset=value Recreate the named shadow copy from the active cluster configuration -s, --switch=value (Advanced) Switch to the named shadow copy Additional Options: -f, --force (Advanced) Force the action to be performed -b, --batch (Advanced) Don't spawn a new shell -a, --all (Advanced) Upload the entire CIB, including status, with --commit EXAMPLES
Create a blank shadow configuration: # crm_shadow --create-empty myShadow Create a shadow configuration from the running cluster: # crm_shadow --create myShadow Display the current shadow configuration: # crm_shadow --display Discard the current shadow configuration (named myShadow): # crm_shadow --delete myShadow Upload the current shadow configuration (named myShadow) to the running cluster: # crm_shadow --commit myShadow AUTHOR
Written by Andrew Beekhof REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to Pacemaker 1.1.10-29.el7 June 2014 PACEMAKER(8)

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