In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS

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Operating Systems Solaris In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS
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Old 09-19-2011
In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS

Need some one to explain "In cluster configuration ora* VGs are not controlled by VCS". Actually, I am not aware of this.

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cmrunnode(1m)															     cmrunnode(1m)

cmrunnode - run a node in a high availability cluster SYNOPSIS
cmrunnode [-v] [node_name...] [-t | -w none] DESCRIPTION
cmrunnode causes a node to start its cluster daemon to join the existing cluster. This command verifies the network configuration before causing the node to start its cluster daemon. To start a cluster on one of its nodes, a user must either be superuser(UID=0), or have an access policy of FULL_ADMIN allowed in the clus- ter configuration file. See access policy in cmquerycl(1m). Starting a node will not cause any active packages to be moved to the new node. However, if a package is DOWN, has its switching enabled, and is able to run on the new node, that package will automatically run there. If node_name is not specified, the cluster daemon will be started on the local node and will join the existing cluster. Options cmrunnode supports the following options: -v Verbose output will be displayed. -t Test only. Provide an assessment of the package placement without affecting the current state of the nodes or packages. The -w option is not required with the -t option as -t does not validate network connectivity, but assumes that all the nodes can meet any external dependencies such as EMS resources, package subnets, and storage. node_name... Start the cluster daemon on the specified node(s). -w none By default network probing is performed to check that the network connectivity is the same as when the cluster was configured. Any anomalies are reported before the cluster daemons are started. The -w none option disables this probing. The option should only be used if this network configuration is known to be correct from a recent check. RETURN VALUE
cmrunnode returns the following value: 0 Successful completion. 1 Command failed. EXAMPLES
Run the cluster daemon on the current node: cmrunnode Run the cluster daemons on node1 and node2: cmrunnode node1 node2 AUTHOR
cmrunnode was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
cmquerycl(1m), cmhaltcl(1m), cmhaltnode(1m), cmruncl(1m), cmviewcl(1m), cmeval(1m). Requires Optional Serviceguard Software cmrunnode(1m)

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