Ping problem???

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Operating Systems Solaris Ping problem???
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Old 09-05-2011
Ping problem???

Hi friends,
I am running Solaris 10, which is connected to a DSL router running DHCP. During the installation I chose not to use DHCP and assigned a permanent IP address to solaris machine. I also did not choose any name service as well. The rest of the details are as under.
Solaris Machine
IP Address:
DSL Router
IP Address:

the dhcpagent file reads as

$ cat /etc/default/dhcpagent
# Copyright 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Use is subject to license terms.
#ident  "@(#)dhcpagent.dfl      1.11    07/01/29 SMI"
# This file contains tunable parameters for dhcpagent(1M).
# All parameters can be tuned for a specific interface by prepending
# the interface name to the parameter name.  For example, to make
# RELEASE_ON_SIGTERM happen on all interfaces except hme0, specify:
# An interface name alone specifies IPv4 DHCP.  For DHCPv6, append ".v6".
# Some examples:
# hme0.RELEASE_ON_SIGTERM=no    specify hme0 v4 behavior
# hme0.v6.RELEASE_ON_SIGTERM=no specify hme0 v6 behavior
# RELEASE_ON_SIGTERM=no         match all v4 interfaces
# .v6.RELEASE_ON_SIGTERM=no     match all v6 interfaces
# By default, when the DHCP agent is sent a SIGTERM (typically when
# the system is shut down), all managed addresses are dropped rather
# than released.  Dropping an address does not notify the DHCP server
# that the address is no longer in use, leaving it possibly available
# for subsequent use by the same client.  If DHCP is later restarted
# on the interface, the client will ask the server if it can continue
# to use the address.  If the server either grants the request, or
# does not answer (and the lease has not yet expired), then the client
# will use the original address.
# By uncommenting the following parameter-value pairs, all managed
# interfaces are released on SIGTERM instead.  In that case, the DHCP
# server is notified that the address is available for use.  Further,
# if DHCP is later restarted on the interface, the client will not
# request its previous address from the server, nor will it attempt to
# reuse the previous lease.  This behavior is often preferred for
# roaming systems.
# By default, the DHCP agent waits 3 seconds to collect OFFER
# responses to a DISCOVER.  If it receives no OFFERs in this time, it
# then waits for another 3 seconds, and so forth.  To change this
# behavior, set and uncomment the following parameter-value pair.
# Note: this does not control the retransmission strategy for
# DISCOVERs, which is formally specified in RFC 2131.  This parameter
# is specified in seconds.
# By default, the DHCP agent does not send out a client identifier
# (and hence, the chaddr field is used by the DHCP server as the
# client identifier.)  To make the DHCP agent send a client
# identifier, set and uncomment the following parameter-value pair.
# Note that by default this is treated as an NVT ASCII string.  To
# specify a binary value, prepend "0x" to a sequence of hexadecimal
# digits (for example, the value 0xAABBCC11 would set the client
# identifier to the 4-byte binary sequence 0xAA 0xBB 0xCC 0x11).
# By default, the DHCP agent will try to request the hostname currently
# associated with the interface performing DHCP.  If this option is
# enabled, the agent will attempt to find a host name in /etc/hostname.<if>,
# which must contain a line of the form
#       inet name
# where "name" is a single RFC 1101-compliant token.  If found, the token
# will be used to request that host name from the DHCP server.  To prevent
# this, uncomment the following line.
# By default, a parameter request list requesting a subnet mask (1),
# router (3), DNS server (6), hostname (12), DNS domain (15), broadcast
# address (28), and encapsulated vendor options (43), is sent to the DHCP
# server when the DHCP agent sends requests.  However, if desired, this
# can be changed by altering the following parameter-value pair.  The
# numbers correspond to the values defined in the IANA bootp-dhcp-parameters
# registry at the time of this writing.
# The default DHCPv6 parameter request list has preference (7), unicast (12),
# DNS addresses (23), DNS search list (24), NIS addresses (27), and
# NIS domain (29).  This may be changed by altering the following parameter-
# value pair.  The numbers correspond to the values defined in the IANA
# dhcpv6-parameters registry at the time of this writing.

the hosts file reads as

$ cat /etc/hosts
# Internet host table
::1     localhost       localhost    virtual-solaris loghost

When I try to ping the router or another computer, I see the following result.

# ping is alive
# ping is alive
# ping is alive

I can ping the solaris machine from other computers, though!
What could be wrong, and how can I setup the default gateway???
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Old 09-05-2011
What is wring with the ping output? It says that those systems answered to your ping requests...
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Old 09-05-2011
Originally Posted by bartus11
What is wring with the ping output? It says that those systems answered to your ping requests...
I am used to seeing messages which would say as
Reply from TTL=252

something like this.
And I had seen such ping messages in my previous solaris installation, so what' wrong now? I cannot access the internet as well. For instance, on another windows computer

works fine, while the same under solaris doesn't, and it says
# ftp unknown host or invalid literal address

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Old 09-05-2011
you have to configure your defaultgateway and name service... you'll find a ton of informations in this forum when you search for "solaris internet" or similar key words...
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Old 09-05-2011

route add default

Why don't use DHCP ?
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