v890 cannot boot

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Operating Systems Solaris v890 cannot boot
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Old 08-30-2011
So I tested the same physical setup (cable and laptop) to a 210. No problem getting from rsc to console.....

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Originally Posted by h@foorsa.biz
How come you have said earlier
Do you get the output from OpenBoot consoles on your consoles screen while they were ( I mean SUN's supoort guys ) with you then everything is okay , and you cannot get the output from consoles output while you are alone it might be terminal configuration.You can refer to the owner's guide which it instructions on setting up a console and terminals as I said in my previous post
I said it because that's what happened. They used an adapter on the Serial TTY A/B port that I do not have. However, the same setup I have works perfectly on a neighboring v210.

I'm not sure how I can setup a console and/or terminal like you recommend when I cannot get past the rsc prompt.
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Old 08-30-2011
Easy you can buy such an adapter if it is required and mandatory for you work to be effective .
or y
You can look for some information some where on the net just search for it detailing SUN's serial cable pin layout scheme .

Setting up console and terminal configuration is detailed in the owner's manual all you have to do is just to read thoroughly I believe it's a moderate task you can do it by yourself.

Have a look here I hope it helps
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Old 08-30-2011
I understand about buying the adapter and will do so. However, it is indeed odd and temporarily a work stoppage in that I cannot get past the rsc prompt. Your advice about terminal configuration is great once I can actually configure the terminal. What I am looking for now is help getting to OBP.

Right now, I am installing Solaris 10 on a nearby unused v210. I hope (and solicit input on the idea of) that I can 'tip hardwire' into the v890 from it. Thoughts?

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Originally Posted by vishalaswani
Since you have the SC access now,

you can recycle the host, and have a good look at console output.

See if it stops at ok otherwise once it starts booting send a break from SC.

Still have rsc access but no access to console.

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I welcome input upon which adapter to buy.
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Old 08-31-2011
I have worked with a few v890's where you need to type "console -f", break out and type "console -f" again, only on the second attempt do i get the next prompt, might be a similar issue?
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Old 08-31-2011
Running 'tip hardwire' from another box and then logging into the rsc and running 'console' gave me the same result - nothing. This is extremely frustrating.

Is this the adapter I need?
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Old 08-31-2011
Did you try recycling the host.

What does the output for below commands at the rsc show


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Old 08-31-2011
I did reboot it. Appreciate the help so far.

   =============== Environmental Status ===============
   System Temperatures (Celsius):
         P0    45
         P1    43
         P2    45
         P3    44
         MB    28
         IO    25
  Front Status Panel:
  Keyswitch position is in On mode.
  System LED Status:
                      POWER                  GEN FAULT
                       [ ON]                   [OFF]      
                       REMOVE                 DISK FAULT 
                       [OFF]                   [OFF]      
                       POWER FAULT            LEFT THERMAL FAULT
                       [OFF]                   [OFF]      
                       RIGHT THERMAL FAULT     LEFT DOOR
                       [OFF]                   [OFF]      
                       RIGHT DOOR
  Disk Status:
    DisplayDisk: ERROR ---> 3d0002
   Fan Bank :
  Bank\0x09\0x09\0x09Presence\0x09ON State\0x09Status
 CPU0_PRIM_FAN     \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 CPU1_PRIM_FAN     \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 CPU0_SEC_FAN      \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 CPU1_SEC_FAN      \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 IO0_PRIM_FAN      \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 IO1_PRIM_FAN      \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 IO0_SEC_FAN       \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 IO1_SEC_FAN       \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 IO_BRIDGE_PRIM_FAN\0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
 IO_BRIDGE_SEC_FAN \0x09[PRESENT]\0x09 [ON]\0x09\0x09[OK]
   Power Supplies:
  Supply     Status             Fan Fail    Temp Fail   CS Fail
 ------     ------------       --------    ---------   -------
   0        OK         
   1        OK         
   2        OK         

'consolehistory' returns nothing.

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rsc> console -f
 Invalid command.  Type 'help' for list of commands.

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