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Operating Systems Solaris solaris zones vs container..
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Old 08-12-2011
Originally Posted by Rajesh_Apple
kindly share what are difference b/w solaris zones and containers....
As far as Solaris is concerned, both of these terms are almost interchangeable.

More precisely:
  • The global zone is not a container but the regular OS instance.
  • Non global zones can also be named containers, especially when resource management is enabled.
Zones, as a virtualization technique, are Solaris specific, containers is also a generic term used with other OSes.
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Old 08-12-2011
Originally Posted by jlliagre
  • Non global zones can also be named containers, especially when resource management is enabled.
This is the same as the way I see the difference between the two. Zones without capping or resource management is more like a very advance form of jails. Its like its not really "contained" to since run away process on a local zone can affect the other zones by way of hogging the shared resources i.e. cpu times, memory, swap etc...
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