M8000 DR Operation Question

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Operating Systems Solaris M8000 DR Operation Question
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Old 08-12-2011
M8000 DR Operation Question


We have one M8000 with 2 domains each with 2 SBs. We want to add more memory to Domain 1 which is running 3 oracle dbs.
Domain 1 Config:  

2 SB 2x4 SparcVII processros
2SBs x16 Dimms each  x4G  Memory =128G

Now my question is

1. Since we can add at max 32 DIMMs to each SB is it possible to add only 8 DIMMS to each SB or we need to have either 16 or 32 DIMMS
2. Secondly is it possible to add the DIMMS using DR if i 'm adding DIMMS only on a single board and let the other board running ? without taking down the DBs and the OS ?

I 'm more than willing to provide any info required.
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Old 08-12-2011
You can either have 16 or 32. The memory is divided into slot A having 16 and slot B having 16, in total 32. I think it will fail POST and fail to come up if you put only 8 DIMM's

And m8000 allows online DR of a SB. If you have a domain with 2 SB's, you can use cfgadm -c unconfigure <SB> to take it out of the picture, provided it does not have any "PERM" memory. If the SB has PERM memory, you can not DR it out and will have to take an outage. Once it is unconfigured, you can login to XSCF and do a "poweroff <SB>".

This is from memory, do your research based on some of the pointers here and then take the decision, because ultimately its your servers :-). If you have oracle/sun support open a case with them.
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